What is a debutante?

What and who is a debutante? A debutante is a girl or young single woman making an entrance into society. Not generally occurring in general society and a somewhat older tradition, a debutante is generally a daughter from a socially connected family with some degree of family history and wealth. People not connected into local society ask what a Debutante is. When they understand they may still ask what a Debutante is and what purpose does she serve?

The question of defining “a debutante” has been asked by many through the years. The question of what a debutante is will be asked by many in future years as the tradition is slowly disappearing in many locales. Who knows, perhaps the question, “What is a debutante” may someday fade from our language. Can high society imagine a world without the debutante? The tradition of the debutante will probably endure in some manner forever. Guaranteed, the citizens from high society will make sure that though the particular traditions of the debutante may change, there will always be an appropriate way for high society to present their daughters to the world. They may not be called “debutantes” in the future but there will a way to present young women of marriageable age to society.

The tradition of debutante season has lasted for many generations in this country, much of it in the large southern cities in the United States. So if you want to ask what a debutante is, go to Deep South of the USA and you will discover the answer. There also is a strong debutante society tradition in Europe, especially among those countries which still have an aristocratic tradition.

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